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Sunny “Chess Summer” in the Chess House of SCC “Shumen”

Published on: 11 Jul 2023

Once again, the Chess House hosted the tournaments of the “Chess Seasons”, in which a total of 78 children played in two days.
On 24.06.2023 “Chess Summer” started with Tournament A (for chess players up to 8 and up to 10 years old) with 42 participants. After 7 rounds were played, the draft threes in both ages took the following form:

up to 8 years: 1. Boris Angelov (CC “Varna”) / 2. Dimitar Marinov (CC “Sinet Kamani”) 3. Boyan Manev (CC “Dunav 1931”) / 4. Hakan Akhmedov (SCC “Shumen”) / 5 Ivona Ruseva (CSKA).
up to 10 years: 1. Hanko Krastev (CC “Sine Kamani”) / 2. Stoyan Iliev (CC “Varna”) / 3. Martin Kyosev (CSKA) / 4. Martin Asenov (CSKA) / 5. Simeon Vassilev (CSKA).

According to the regulation, the first five in each age group received subject prizes, presented by the chairman of SCC “Shumen”, Mr. Iliyan Haralanov.
The ranking from Tournament A can be found at:

On 25.06.2023, “Chess Summer” continued with Tournament B (for chess players under 12 and under 14) with 36 participants. After 5 rounds were played, the top five in both ages took the following form:

up to 12 years: 1. Ege Esmer (SCC “Shumen”) / 2. Hanko Krastev (CC “Sinite Kamani”) / 3. Nikola Neichev (CC “Varna”) / 4. Zhivko Kaloyanov (SCC “Shumen”) / 5 Ivaylo R. Todorov (CC “Missionis”). up to 14 years: 1. Denis Schwenk (CC “Burgas 64”) / 2. Marin Pl. Marinov (CC “Burgas 64”) / 3. Alexander Petkov (CC “Shumen”) / 4. Miroslav Ganchev (CC “Shumen”) / 5. Ivo Ivanov (CC “Pristis”).

By regulation, the first five in each age group received subject prizes.
The ranking from Tournament B can be found at:

The tournaments had participants from Ruse, Varna, Burgas, Sliven, Targovishte, Shumen and – for the first time in a long time – from Razgrad. We thank all participants for honoring us with their presence and play and invite them to the next tournament of the Series, “Chess Autumn”, on October 7-8, 2023.

The provisional standings (after the first two tournaments) for the Chess Seasons circuit are as follows:

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