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After “Chess Winter” we know the winners of the “Chess Seasons – 2023” series

Published on: 22 Dec 2023

On 02.12.2023, the last tournaments of the year from the “Chess Seasons” rapid chess series took place. Traditionally for the Series, this was also a first for some of the participants.

Tournament A (children up to 8 and up to 10 years old) brought together 36 participants, and Tournament B (children up to 12 and up to 14 years old) – 20. The top three for each category are: up to 8 years: 1. Pavel Lozanov (CSKA) / 2. Ivona Ruseva (CSKA) / 3. Dimitar Marinov (SK “Sinite Kamani”);
up to 10 years: 1. Velin Simeonov (SCC “Shumen”) / 2. Stoyan Iliev (CC “Varna”) / 3. Martin Kyosev (CSKA);
up to 12 years old: 1. Kristiyan Alexandrov (CC “Varna”) / 2. Kaloyan Hristev (CC “Kaisa”) / 3. Teodor Georgiev (SCC “Shumen”);
up to 14 years: 1. Alexander Petkov (CC “Shumen”) / 2. Zheko Hadjiivanov (CC “Shumen”) / 3. Ivo Ivanov (CC “Pristis”)

The award ceremony ended with the trophy presentation to the “Chess Seasons” winners::
up to 8 years: 1. Dimitar Marinov (CC “Sinite kamani”) / 2. Ivona Ruseva (CSKA) / 3. Boyan Manev (CC “Dunav 1931”);
up to 10 years: 1. Stoyan Iliev (CC “Varna”) / 2. Velin Simeonov (SCC “Shumen”) / 3. Martin Kyosev (CSKA);
up to 12 years: 1. Ege Esmer (SCC “Shumen”) / 2. Kristiyan Alexandrov (CC “Shumen”) / 3. Kaloyan Hristev (CC “Kaisa”);
up to 14 years: 1. Alexander Petkov (CC “Shumen”) / 2. Marin Pl. Marinov (CC “Burgas 64”) / 3. Denis Schwenk (CC “Burgas 64”)

We express our gratitude to all participants who respected our tournaments and wish them to grow up as good and strong chess players. We wish that the “Chess Seasons” will host new rivalries between even more in number and even stronger competitors!

Good luck and see you next time!

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