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Gm Antoineta Stefanova visiting our club

Published on: 9 Feb 2023

Today, 19.02.2022, as we had previously announced, our club was visited by gm Antoineta Stefanova!

After getting acquainted with the conditions for training and playing in our Shakhdoma, gm Stefanova told a short story to the young chess players about her sports journey as a world-class chess player, and then answered their questions – from what is her favorite piece, the most valuable her title and her wins against top male grandmasters, to details on how to prepare.

One thing became clear – success comes only after hard work, and training – both in the club with the help of the coaches and independently at home is important for the progress of each athlete. The accumulated knowledge and skills, understandably, must be tested and perfected in a tournament setting.

Gm Stefanova gave interviews to the local media and after the group photo with the participants of the meeting, before she left, she was so kind enough to sign autographs for everyone.

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