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DIP in classic chess, rapid and blitz in Asenovgrad

Published on: 9 Feb 2023

From 1.IV.2022 to 9.IV.2022, for the fourth time in a row, the state individual championship in classical, rapid and blitz for the ages of 12 up to 20, juniors and girls, were held in Asenovgrad.

SCC „Shumen” was represented by 5 competitors who achieved the following results:

1. Hristiyan Iliev, B16: In classical chess, he placed third (bronze medal), which is the first medal for boys in classical chess in 5 years. In rapid, Iliev got off to a bad start and ended up unable to defend last year’s title and took 4th place. In the blitz – second place again and a silver medal, as last year.

2. In the G16 girls, we had two competitors:

Boryana Atanasova, after a four-year hiatus, took part in the state individual championship again and performed successfully: 4th place in blitz and 7th place in rapid.

For Magdalena Stoyanova, it was the debut of the state individual championship, so her rankings: blitz – (6th place) and rapid (8th place) can be considered successful.

3. Ege Esmer and Zhivko Kaloyanov took part in the boys under 12 years. Both are to be commended for putting so much effort into their games. The best ranking in both races was achieved by Ege Esmer, taking 7th place in the blitz.

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